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Current Magic Anon: Fem! Tony

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Pagani Huayra | Photographer


Pagani Huayra | Photographer
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See the conductivity meter on the table to your left? Gimme the readout.

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[ ♕ ] —— [ He did, however, return.

             Loki was not one to leave things unfinished.
                                                    It left a sour taste in his mouth. ]

      ❝No more questions.❞

                       Cold, apathetic — irreproachable. ]

"I don’t want to go to bed yet."

[ It was a statement. At least he’d listened.
He was surprised at how comfortable Loki had seemingly become with appearing and sweeping him off his feet in the middle of the night. If only he would stay. ]

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Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles
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"You have license in front of the camera to do things, feel certain emotions that you don’t get to in real life. It can be addicting."

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Anonymous asked : So did you ride Thor's hammer yet?
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In summary, I’ve been fully naked… A lot.

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Send "Fooph!" and my character will reacting to having bent over only to feel your character slap them on the ass.

"Ya’ mind not slappin’ my ass, Stark?"

"I do mind, in fact."